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Flute – “ULTRATEC S2”

PROFESSIONAL FLUTE – PINLESS ULTRATEC® MECHANIC – BEST QUALITY S2 pads – white gold springs – High Tech felt

5.000,00 15.000,00 


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PROFESSIONAL Italian Synthetic Pads S2 with stabilizer

Headjoint, body and footjoint STERLING SILVER .925

 +780 € (true thickness)
it is distinguished not only for excellent craftsmanship,
but also for an improved mechanic PINLESS ULTRATEC®. It’s the best mechanic you can desireProduced with the utmost attention to detail and hand-made.
installed synthetic pads with stabilizer and white gold springs.
If you desire to pay directly in USD, please contact us!
Material Headjoint, Body, footjoint: sterling 925 silver

Silver plated keys or Sterling silver mechanics (Keys, rods, pivots)


OPTIONAL TUBE YELLOW TRUE 24kt gold plating (+780 €) (not keys). We add true 24kt gold plating on the internal and external tube surface , which makes the plating harder and more durable. It is not only colour! We add true thickness to the flute surface!

Drawn tone holes Drawn and rolled toneholes are constructed from the flute tube itself with particular machinery
Titanium headjoint crown
Footjoint B-Foot
Headjoint CUSTOMIZATION: If you buy this flute, you can choice between our several headjoints types: silver, gold, platinum at wholesale prices. Look at our catalogue and ask us
Mechanic  we have realized a pinless mechanics with an exclusive design, called PINLESS ULTRATEC®, which allows maximum precision and silence. Our ULTRATEC® mechanics is characterized by the total absence of adjustment screws and a series of special levers prevents the keys from easily lose their settings, and allows fluidity and manageability never seen before, even for the most difficult virtuosic passages.
Thickness Body Medium wall 0,016”
without E-Mechanism__________
A split E mechanism allows venting only one G key while fingering high E. This facilitates production of the high E and it provides a more stable response.

At request you can order flute without E-mechanism



Pisoni S2

 These world-renowned pads are made of mostly synthetic materials. The advantage of this is that they do not absorb moisture and as a result do not change shape. This consistency gives the pads a high degree of reliability.

Synthetic pads, which are made using a stable plastic base and durable synthetic leather, have been widely adopted as essential components of a high quality Handmade flute. Compared to traditional felt and paper pads that require frequent adjustments, Pisoni S2 pads are more tolerant of environmental change and remain in top playing condition for a longer period of time.Synthetic pads with stabilizer enables the player to achieve a clear response with a more mature, nuanced sound.

Open Holes with plugs central openings are covered by the fingertips when depressed. Students may use temporary plugs to cover the holes in the keys until they master the more precise finger placement needed to play open-hole keys. Some players state that open-hole keys permit louder and clearer sound projection in the flute’s lower register.Open holes can be used for effects such as bending and shading, and the player can crack some holes to bring pitch back up when playing softly on high register notes. Playing open holes requires and therefore develops fingering accuracy that is not essential on plateau keys. Some clever trills that make use of the open hole venting for better pitch. Open hole flutes can be used as closed hole by inserting plugs in the holes
Offset G
In Line G
the G keys are offset slightly from the rest of the keys, mounted on their own posts, separate from the other keys. A growing number of flutists prefer the comfort and hand position on the offset G flute.

At request you can order flute with IN LINE G

French Pointed Arms A key design that connects keys to the rod with a raised, pointed arm which extends to the center of the key. Also refered to as “Styled keys”. It gives more strenght to the keys.
Engraved Keys It gives an elegant touch to the flute. Available at request.


Additional information


Briccialdi Flautitalia

Strumento musicale

Classical flute


100% solid silver, Optional: gold headjoint

Materiale corpo/trombino

solid silver



Sistema chiavi

French pointed arms, open holes (with plastic plugs), Professional design

Mi snodato

Offset G + Split E, Optional: in line G


B footjoint


drawn tone holes


cleaning clothes, cleaning rod, padded shoulder bag, wooden case high protection


925 solid silver, true gold 24kt thickness plating

Mechanic material

Silver mechanic, nickel mechanic (silver plated)

Headjoint material

Silver headjoint, silver tube and 9k gold lip plate, all 9k gold, platinum tube and 9k gold lip plate


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