Professional flute

Research, technological and material innovation, perfection in details, passion for our work, competence, are the ingredients of Briccialdi professional flutes handmade produced in a few pieces each year.

Our technicians produce a soft and smooth mechanics, controlled and calibrated with decades of experience , making our instruments ideal for the concert artist in need of a top flute body, of a mechanic that responds to even the most delicate finger pressure.

The Briccialdi flute stands in the wake of the glorious Italian craft culture. Our handmade flutes are never mass produced like the brands of the great distribution, but on each of them we always make various improvements and measures to increase their performance.

On the latest professional models new series, we install a pinless mechanics with an exclusive design, called PINLESS ULTRATEC®, which allows maximum precision and silence. Our ULTRATEC® mechanics is characterized by the total absence of adjustment screws and a series of special levers prevents the keys from easily lose their settings, and allows fluidity and manageability never seen before, even for the most difficult virtuosic passages.

We therefore invite customers to try them in our artisan laboratories where our technicians will be able to answer all your questions and illustrate the peculiarities that make them different from the commercial mechanics.

In addition, each Briccialdi professional flute can be combined with various headjoints cuts, to adapt a perfect body to a “voice” more suited to the flutist’s taste, comfortable and ergonomic to each lips conformation.

In addition, it is possible to significantly improve the sound quality of the instrument by adding a gold and platinum headjoint at special prices reserved for those who buy the whole flute.

On request we can make a TRUE GOLD 24kt thickness plating on the internal and external surface of the body. It’s beautiful to look and it gives a different, warmer tonal quality to the flute sound.

It is not just color, but a galvanic process handmade in special tanks that allows gold to merge with silver, covering the inner and outer surface of the body.


If your Country has not a Flautitalia-Briccialdi dealer, we offer direct sales and distribution

  • Contact us directly by phone or email.
  • buy an authentic, non-counterfeit and working product
  • receive qualified assistance from the manufacturing company
  • the list prices (valid for the foreign market) can be discounted for direct purchase from the manufacturer – wholesale price.

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