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Flute “70/30” wooden model

BODY and FOOTJOINT made in ebony 70% and HEADJOINT made in 100% Ebony – Sterling silver tenon, Open holes, B footjoint



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Body and Footjoint made in 70% ebony
HEADJOINT made in 100% Ebony


Body and footjoint are made in a particular mix produced by our laboratories composed by 70% ebony and 30% synthetic material.

The headjoint is made in 100% ebony

So the flute will be more stable and temperature/moisture resistant.

Silver plated keys (german silver)
Headjoint tenon: Sterling silver 925

Ideal for those who want to have an ebony flute but partly avoiding all the meticulous care that that wooden flute requires.

Footjoint B-Foot
Headjoint the headjoint is shaped from a single ebony piece and it’s extremely comfortable.

It’s made 100% ebony

E-Mechanism A split E mechanism allows venting only one G key while fingering high E. This facilitates production of the high E and it provides a more stable response.
Pisoni Pads
DELUXE J YELLOW: Double yellow bladder, pressed felt special treatment. The pads are among the most important elements of a flute. Briccialdi Flutes has decided to rely solely on the Luciano Pisoni Music Center (Trento- North Italy) for the supply of Bearings. World Leader in this field. Result of a perfect blend of Italian craft tradition, high quality materials and advanced manufacturing technology.
Open Holes with plugs central openings are covered by the fingertips when depressed. Students may use temporary plugs to cover the holes in the keys until they master the more precise finger placement needed to play open-hole keys. Some players state that open-hole keys permit louder and clearer sound projection in the flute’s lower register.Open holes can be used for effects such as bending and shading, and the player can crack some holes to bring pitch back up when playing softly on high register notes.  Playing open holes requires and therefore develops fingering accuracy that is not essential on plateau keys. Some clever trills that make use of the open hole venting for better pitch. Open hole flutes can be used as closed hole by inserting plugs in the holes
Offset G the G keys are offset slightly from the rest of the keys, mounted on their own posts, separate from the other keys. A growing number of flutists prefer the comfort and hand position on the offset G flute.
French pointed
A key design that connects keys to the rod with a raised, pointed arm which extends to the center of the key. Also refered to as “Styled keys”. It gives more strenght to the keys.
Case + bag Elegant red wooden case with bag

Additional information


Briccialdi Flautitalia

Strumento musicale

Classical flute


100% ebony, silver joint

Materiale corpo/trombino

70% wood

Sistema chiavi

French pointed arms, open holes (with plastic plugs), Professional design

Mi snodato

Offset G + Split E, Optional: in line G


Italian Pisoni Deluxe Yellow J – pressed felts with special treatment


B footjoint


cleaning clothes, cleaning rod, padded shoulder bag, wooden case high protection


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