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Student flute

The choice of a quality flute

The first step of every beginner flutist is obviously the choice of the flute that will accompany him for the first years.

Our company  offers the opportunity to purchase high quality instruments at discounted prices for direct sales from the manufacturer.

High quality features

The transverse flute we recommend is the “203“ model. Recently updated with a redesigned headjoint and fitted with a 925 silver lip plate/riser

The main features are:

  • easy sound emission
  • dense and good tone sounds
  • homogeneity and flexibility between the octaves
  • smooth and reliable mechanics
    successfully tested for a decade and appreciated by the italian teachers for its incredible value for money,

By now the overwhelming majority of teachers agree in saying that especially for student flutes, the quality and reliability of the mechanics are the most important elements, even more than the sound: in fact, in the early days it will be difficult to understand if the cause of a problem is attributable to the student or the flute.

So it will be essential to have a reliable and safe mechanic under your fingers, you can count on and grow with!

Mechanics with attention to details

our Company prefers to build student flutes with the same mechanics we used on semi-professional silver flutes:

  • french pointed arms
  • special pressed Pisoni Deluxe Yellow J pad (therefore the hardest and most resistant type of traditional pad)
  • particular types of anti-release spring clips
  • Durable, quality thicknesses and anti-noise felting
  • professional open keys (to avoid the consolidation of postural vices)
  • Moisture-proof water-repellent delrin elastic pads
  • oiling with products of the right viscosity to avoid mechanical metallic noises

Keys with open holes

Our flutes have open hole keys. The main reasons are:

  • better acoustics
  • easy creation of effects typical of the modern and contemporary repertoire (for example the glissando and microtones)
  • alternative fingerings
    Therefore, in the case of a future transition to higher quality flutes, by purchasing a Briccialdi student flute, the change will not be a trauma! In any case, at the beginning you can cover the holes with the silicone plugs that will be supplied with the flute, removing them a little at a time …

If your Country has not a Flautitalia-Briccialdi dealer, we offer direct sales and distribution

  • Contact us directly by phone or email.
  • buy an authentic, non-counterfeit and working product
  • receive qualified assistance from the manufacturing company
  • the list prices (valid for the foreign market) can be discounted for direct purchase from the manufacturer – wholesale price.

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